Indian Subcontinent

Indian Subcontinent

With its incomparable mystique, the Indian Subcontinent is a land of exotic discovery where magnificent palaces, fascinating histories and spectacular scenery lie in wait. This truly unique part of the world has the most incredible range of geographical features, from glaciers to deserts and rainforests to vast grasslands. The wonder of the Taj Mahal’s perfect reflection, the mystic of the Ganges river, the regal Bengal tigers, and the quaint tea plantations of India will captivate you. In Bhutan, meet the most spiritually & culturally rich people who will make you feel welcome. Head to the gateway to the Himalayas and the highest point on earth in Nepal, and experience a variety of culturally rich experiences, and see baby turtles hatch in Sri Lanka!

The subcontinent lays claim to about 2000 ethnic groups, offering you the chance to experience a truly diverse cultural experience. The choice of activities you can do, are only limited by your imagination.

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