Indian Ocean Islands

Indian Ocean Islands

The islands scattered over the Indian Ocean are amongst the most beautiful in the world; featuring pristine sandy beaches, lagoons of infinite shades of blue and dazzling underwater coral gardens teeming with tropical marine life. These islands are the perfect destination if you are looking for a luxurious holiday, catering to every indulgence you may want. The Indian Ocean islands create the perfect combination for a luxurious escape ideal for families or a romantic getaway. This exotic locale offers you both sandy and coral islands giving you an exceptional view of the Indian Ocean. All the islands are unique with their own exotic appeal and are a melting pot of culture & food. The Seychelles are renowned for their giant granite boulders and stunning palm-fringed beaches, the Maldives boast vibrant coral reefs and luxurious sea bungalows whilst the lush tropical paradise of Mauritius beckons.

You can get a flavour of this region by doing some island hopping, and experience some of the local culture, food and way-of-life on these jewels in the Indian Ocean.

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