Cobalt blue waters, powdery white sand beaches and swaying green palm trees make the islands of the Caribbean a tropical paradise that consistently delivers escapism and adventure. The sounds of steel drums and reggae beats drift through the warm air putting smiles on the faces of visitors as they bask in the sunshine sipping fruity drinks. In the islands, sunbathing is always in order and sunsets are a nightly event. Head to Turks & Caicos to enjoy the pristine white beaches, idyllic bays, and sparkling turquoise waters teeming with coral reefs and colourful fishes. This is the perfect location for enjoying snorkelling, diving and fishing. Know that each island has something special to offer when you choose where to go.

So maybe you can go island hopping to enjoy some of the flavours that the over 7000 islands in this region has to offer. Whether you are looking to enjoy the beautiful beaches, go on a jungle trek, chill out by the beach, explore the history or enjoy world-class water sports, the islands will fulfil every wish of yours.



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