5 Destinations for Movie Buffs

5 Destinations for Movie Buffs

Have you ever wanted to visit the set of your favourite film?  We’ve put together a list of five destinations that were the basis for a movie so you can add a little bit of Hollywood glamour to your next holiday.


1 Thailand, ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’

For fans of the James Bond films a trip to Phuket, Thailand is a must. Here you can take boat tours to Khao Phing Kan, more commonly known as James Bond Island, where ‘The Man with the Gold Gun’ was filmed. As well as taking in the island’s natural beauty, you’ll be able to impress your friends and family with all your photos and the different souvenirs that are available to buy here. On top of getting to see where they shot the film, many tours offer you the chance to swim and canoe on the island, making you feel as though you are starring in your very own action movie.

Movie holiday in thailand james bond


2 China, ‘Kung-Fu Panda’

One for the children, or perhaps your own inner child, visit China and specifically the Great Wall to see where the animated bear’s adventures are set. There is so much to see and do in China, as well as taking in the sights it is also possible to see and learn all about real life Giant Pandas. We recommend visiting the Giant Panda Breeding Centre based in Chengdu where you can observe pandas up close and create some unforgettable memories while also contributing to the conservation of this endangered species.

Chengdu giant panda breeding centre china


3 The Caribbean, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

The clue is definitely in the name for this one. Although much of the series is based at sea, if you were inspired by the different island settings and sandy beaches that Jack Sparrow and his lot occasionally weighed anchor at then a trip to the Caribbean should be on the cards. While many of the locations named in the movie were fictional, filming mainly took place in St Vincent and the Grenadines and neighbouring islands throughout the Caribbean. Whether or not a pirate’s life is for you, it is certainly worth paying a visit to these islands just to take in the beautiful scenery and fantastic weather that the Caribbean enjoys all year round.

Caribbean beach holidays pirates of the caribbean


4 Indonesia, ‘Eat, Pray, Love’

The story of a woman who achieves her spiritual awakening by travelling the world.  Set in Italy, India, and Indonesia, it is through visiting these countries that Julia Robert’s character, Elizabeth, is finally able to discover what she truly wants from life and break out of the mundane cycle she had been living in. Indonesia is perhaps the most significant location in this film for it is here that Elizabeth learns to love, and with its beautiful landscape and enchanting culture it is not hard to see how Indonesia is the perfect location to find love. Relax on the beaches, watch the sunrise over Mount Bromo, and even if you’re not looking to fall in love with a person, you are sure to fall in love with the country.

eat pray love holiday in Indonesia


5 Sri Lanka, ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’

While the second instalment of the Indiana Jones series is set in India, it was actually shot in neighbouring Sri Lanka due to problems that the Indian authorities had with the script. Plan your own action packed adventure and climb Sigiriya Rock, visit Kandy’s Temple of the Tooth (much safer than the temple featured in the film!) and go on safari in Yala National Park. If after all of that you need a rest, then head to the beaches of Bentota to relax and enjoy the stunning ocean views.

Sri lanka indiana jones holiday


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