Top 5 Family Activities in Sri Lanka

Top 5 Family Activities in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a great destination for all the family, offering ample activities that are sure to excite both adults and children alike. With an array of wildlife, beautiful beaches, and so much more you’ll be sure to have a fantastic holiday and create memories you’ll cherish forever. We’ve put together a list of our top 5 picks for families to make sure that your next holiday to Sri Lanka is the best one yet.

1) Explore Minneriya National Park
If you’re longing to see wildlife then a trip to Minneriya National Park is a must. The park is home to a variety of wildlife, and a safari through it will offer up the chance to see wild elephants along with macaques, sloth bears, and an array of other reptiles, amphibians, and birds; if you’re really lucky you may even be able to spot a leopard, although these sightings are rather rare. If you’re keen to see elephants, the sightings are most common between the months of July to October when water elsewhere dries up leading them to the Minneriya tank; this makes it ideal for those travelling during the summer holidays.

2) Go Whale Watching
The coast of Sri Lanka is a great location to go whale watching, with the country famed for being the best location to spot the world’s largest mammal, the blue whale. Book onto a boat trip on the Southern coast and you’ll have the chance to view a whole range of aquatic creatures; as well as blue whales you can also see orca, dolphins, and sperm whales. It is worth noting that these boat trips can last several hours so they may not be suitable for younger children; however for older children the excursion is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

3) Relax on the Beaches
Sri Lanka is known for its beautiful beaches and so for a more relaxing day be sure to pay a visit to one. The pristine white sands are just asking you to build sandcastles, and depending on the beach and time of year, the crystal clear waters can be great for splashing around in. Do bear in mind that the currents off the coast of Sri Lanka can be surprisingly strong, so it is always best to check with your hotel whether it is safe to enter the water beforehand as even strong swimmers can be caught off guard.  If the waters are calm enough then buy or rent a boogie board and enjoy the waves, or even book surfing lessons for older children. A day at the beach is an ideal way to get in some quality family time.

4) See Baby Turtles at a Hatchery
A visit to one of Sri Lanka’s turtle hatcheries is unmissable; here you’ll have the chance to see any of five species of turtles as young as a day old. The visit will also be educational as well as fun, as you’ll get to learn about the problems the turtles face as well as the conservation efforts to protect them. You’ll have the chance to handle some of the young turtles, and you may even be able to assist in releasing them back into the sea. Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Project is a particularly popular hatchery, and if you visit in the evening you’ll be able to watch the release that usually happens at around 6.15pm.

5) Climb Sigiriya Rock
Sigiriya Rock, or Lion Rock as it is also known, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is well worth a visit for any family. Children will have fun climbing up the many steps and passing through the lion shaped gateway to reach the 200 metre high summit, while parents can attempt to enjoy trying to keep up with them… The visit will again also be educational, as you can learn much about Sri Lanka's history and culture by listening to a guide and admiring the frescoes painted on the walls. There are also some amazing views to be had at the top which makes the ascent well worthwhile. 

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