Quiz: Which Destination Should You Travel To Next?

Quiz: Which Destination Should You Travel To Next?

Take our fun quiz to see which destination on Cleveland Collections would suit you best, and check below for a suggested Itinerary to go with your result!





This 10 day India Royal Escape itinerary visits some of the most extravagant and opulent destinations in India. Along with the Taj Mahal, this holiday features a number of breath-taking sights that will impress any sightseer. This is the ultimate cultural holiday to experience India’s elegant and grand royal heritage.



Thailand has incredible national parks breathtaking landscapes, a rich culture and mouth-watering cuisine. All of these are explored on this 14 day Thailand Family fun itinerary, giving you and your family a great insight into Thailand culture and heritage.



Having only recently opened its doors to tourism, Myanmar is still a country of mystery with more culture being discovered each day. This 11-day itinerary to Myanmar showcases the best of Myanmar from the tranquillity of Inle Lake to the magical temples of Bagan.



A true look into the culture of Bali, taking routes unfamiliar to tourists to discover the best beaches and sights this wonderful island has to offer. From temples and waterfalls to the local markets and rice paddies, this trip will provide a great insight into the island’s culture and history



Maldives: A stunning destination - it’s the perfect place to take the family for a fun-filled, bright and beautiful vacation. Breathtaking beaches, blue skies and crystal clear water are just a few of the many captivating qualities to the Maldives for you and the whole family to enjoy. 



Immerse yourself in the history, beauty, culture, and of Oman with the thrilling 9-day highlights of Oman itinerary that includes exploring the city of Muscat, a luxury desert camp in the Wahiba Sands and a trip to the mountains. 


Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers an endless list of activities with sights to see, and places to visit, this tropical wonderland is an adventure from start to finish. The highlights of Costa Rica itinerary gives you a wide range of activities whilst showcasing the best of Costa Rica, from zip lining in the Cloud Forest to enjoying the pristine beaches, famous for their surfing.


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