Middle East

Middle East

The Middle East is a fascinating region that spans southwestern Asia, southeastern Europe, and northeastern Africa. It's significant history steps back to ancient times and is the historical origin of Judaism, Christianity and Islam; hosting some of the world's most significant cities. Ancient cities and historic buildings tell a tale of eras gone by. In contrast to these are the modern metropolises, showcasing a progressive vision of the middle-east. This crossroads of the East & the West captivates you with silent deserts, punctuated by lavish grandeur, retreats that seduce body and mind, the music of fountains and fragrance of incense; vast dunes and towering mountains & the vibrant reefs of the Red Sea.

Browse through the bustling souks in Dubai, traverse across the Wadi Rum in Jordan on camel back, or relax in the golden beaches of Oman. The perfumes of Arabia, the sensuousness of the hammam and Rhassoul, all the riches that linger at the crossroads of East and West will keep you mesmerised as you traverse these lands.

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