Vietnam: A journey in pictures

Vietnam: A journey in pictures

You may have heard or read about Vietnam, however, absolutely none of these can quite get you ready for the extraordinary beauty of Vietnam. A country that is filled with evocative visuals of the Sam mountains & the UNESCO world heritage site of Ha Long Bay. The sheer beauty of the temples and pagodas with the artistry displayed will leave you spellbound. The rolling green fields of rice terraces and beaches with pristine white sands are a must visit in this country of abounding beauty. Finally but by no means, the last, the delicious spectrum of food which changes with each province you travel will leave you wanting more in Vietnam.

This journey in pictures takes you through Vietnam’s enchanting allure in few select visuals which we absolutely love.


Hanoi, The Old Quarter

Vietnam Hanoi the old quarter

Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam and is heaving with pedestrians and motorists pushing together giving you a constant sense of movement. The Old Quarter District, located within this hustling-bustling city has however managed to keep 1000 yrs of history still intact. The city still preserves the original architecture & layout of the streets that made up old Hanoi. There are in all 36 streets, with each street reflecting the trade specialisation of the current residents, and you can explore these streets on our 14 day classic Vietnam tour.


Mekong Delta

Vietnam Mekong cruise

Cruise along the Mekong between Siem Reap in Cambodia and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam on a journey down the river for an adventure of a lifetime. You will get a glimpse into the hardworking agricultural life of the farmers, as you see their floating houses, wooden boats, and the fish farms. You can travel in the luxurious glamour of French Indochina in vessels like the Jayavarman Cruise Boat to go off the beaten path, and soak in more of what this exotic country has to offer.


Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnam cuisine Vietnam holidays

Vietnamese street food has much for the gastronomically inclined! The textures, variety, and colours are absolutely yummy! Flavours of basil, lemongrass, galangal in rich broths with fresh broths, decorated with coriander, cilantro & basil! The famous Pho, to the Bun Cha, Bun bo Nam bo, Banh mi and so on... are just some of the delicacies you can try on our 13 day culinary delights of Vietnam tour. 


Rice Fields

Vietnam rice fields Vietnam holidays

The Vietnamese countryside is a vision in bright green with verdant rice paddy fields terraced across hills. This staple crop of this region has been grown in Vietnam for thousands of years and is today the 2nd largest rice exporter in the world. As you traverse through the countryside, you will see many rice workers wearing the trademark hat, manually tending the fields.


Ha Long Bay

Vietnam Ha Long Bay

Cruising Ha Long Bay on a junk boat is a must-do activity whilst in Vietnam. Halong Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its stunning collection of thousands of islands and karst limestone pillars which surround this alluring bay. The main island is Cat Ba which has some great beaches and the cruises will stop on their longer itineraries for scenic cycle tours of the island. We have put together a list of some junk boats in our blog cruising Halong Bay in Vietnam that you can book for your Ha Long Bay experience.


The Salt Fields of Hon Khoi

Vietnam Salt fields

If you have never seen salt fields, then on your trip to Vietnam make sure to go by Hon Khoi salt fields. They are pretty close to the Six Senses Spa - Ninh Van Bay, so it can make for an interesting day out for you. Salt production is painstaking and very strenuous, have a go at it and you will realise why! Salt water is let into fields and left to for days to evaporate, then the salt is removed and dried before refining it into what is served on our tables. 


The Floating Markets of Vietnam

Vietnam floating fishing markets

The floating markets of Vietnam are quite a sight to see for anyone. However don't be fooled by the mayhem, there is a method to this apparent madness. Producers bring their goods, vegetables, & fruits to be sold to local dealers. There is a pole on the big boats, on which hangs the goods he buys or sells ( a bit like a menu card). So traders can easily spot who they need to get to. These markets will also have a floating gas station, restaurants, and many other shops floating alongside. Our twin city tour 16 day Vietnam & Cambodia highlights tour will take you across the Mekong delta to experience this absolutely fascinating experience. 


Local Hillside Tribes

Vietnam sapa holidays

A trip to Sapa is a journey into the fascinating lives of the ethnic minority village's that thrive in the unique conditions that life high in the mountains brings. The spectacular views across the Ta Van valley will take your breath away. You can take advantage of many activities including trekking and a visit to the local hillside tribes for a real cultural interaction. There is even the option of a homestay which is a truly unique and memorable experience.


Luxury Resorts

Vietnam six senses con dao

You are spoilt for choice for options of where to stay in Vietnam. There is a wide variety available from large, multinational hotels to boutique style hotels in city centre locations and off the beaten track hidden gems amongst others. These resorts are the perfect way to end your trip to Vietnam, to recharge yourself before you head back to everyday life. You can have a look through our top 5 places to stay in Vietnam to get some ideas.


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