Thailand Travel Diary: Nakhon Pathom & Hua Hin

Thailand Travel Diary: Nakhon Pathom & Hua Hin

Our travel specialist Jess recently travelled to Thailand and shares her experience of her time spent in Nakhon Pathom and Hua Hin. Both laid back destinations, while visiting these serene places Jess had the chance to admire the natural beauty, do some sightseeing, visit a night market, and of course take a trip to one of Thailand's famous beaches, find out more about what she got up to:

Day 4: Relaxing in Nakhon Pathom

After a busy few days exploring bustling Bangkok (read more about that here) it was now time to slow down and head somewhere a little more relaxing, namely Nakhon Pathom a quiet city just 40 minutes away from Bangkok. Despite its proximity to Thailand’s capital things could scarcely be any calmer, instead of towering buildings we were surrounded by an abundance of green plant life, and the noisy traffic was replaced by the peaceful sounds of nature. Upon arrival at our hotel we were greeted with a Thai massage, definitely the best way to welcome anyone, while we looked out across a gentle river, an incredibly calming experience that really set the tone for the rest of our stay here.

After having some time to settle into our rooms and refresh we were invited to enjoy another river cruise. Different to cruising the Chao Phraya River, this cruise was more about enjoying the scenery and soaking up the ambience, which was made even more atmospheric when the heavens opened (luckily our boat had a roof) and the pattering raindrops atop the river created a sleepy mood that stayed with us as we headed back to shore.

Thailand Travel Diary: Nakhon Pathom and Hua Hin
The view that greeted us in Nakhon Pathom

Day 5: Farming & crafting

Stepping out on to my balcony early this morning, a stunning view of lush greenery and a calm flowing river greeted me, with a chorus of curious bird song and insect noises making it clear I was far from home in a tropical paradise. I was slightly sad that this was our final day in this natural haven however the promise of a Thai breakfast at an organic farm did help pull me from my room. Before breakfast we had the chance to tour the farm and even pick some fruit and salad to be used in our meal, making the experience even more special. Breakfast was a feast, featuring the fruit and salad we had just picked, omelette made from eggs from the farm’s own geese, traditional bread that was prepared and cooked in a stick of bamboo in front of us and plenty of other tasty dishes.

After breakfast we spent the rest of our day at a Thai arts & crafts workshop, watching and trying our hands at all different kinds of crafts, from Thai boxing and dancing to silk weaving and umbrella painting. This was a great way to learn a little more about Thailand’s culture and to get our creative juices flowing, and prove that I could never make a living out of my crafting abilities. A workshop such as this is sure to be a fun activity for people of all ages, while also being educational.

Thailand Travel Diary: Nakhon Pathom and Hua Hin
Morning view in Nakhon Pathom                                            Traditional bread prepared in a stick of bamboo                               Thai arts & crafts included fruit carving

Day 6: Floating & night markets

Now it was time to head to the beach, with the next and final stop on our trip being the beachside town of Hua Hin, popular with holidaymakers from Bangkok. En route we decided to make a detour to Amphawa Floating Market. Unfortunately for us when we arrived the low tide and fact it was a weekday afternoon meant there was no one actually selling, so a word of advice is to come at the weekend and when the tide is high for the best experience. Back in the car we continued another hour and a half to finally arrive in Hua Hin.

Before we arrived at our hotel one more detour was in order, this time to Hua Hin railway station. Considered the most beautiful station in Thailand this is a great place to stop for photos even if you don’t have a train to catch! Now it was finally time to head to our hotel and more importantly time for dinner, and what better way to dine on our first night in Hua Hin than outdoors overlooking the ocean at sunset? While that picture-perfect dinner setting alone would have been a great way to end the day, we weren’t quite ready to call it a night just yet. We decided to venture out to another night market, despite being told it may be quieter as it was a weekday. Things were certainly a little calmer than in Bangkok but there was still a lively atmosphere, with live music, street food, and intriguing stalls all making this a fun place to browse – and with the crowds not being quite as heavy it’s a little easier to have a proper look round too!

Thailand Travel Diary: Nakhon Pathom and Hua Hin
Hua Hin Railway Station                                                                                                                 The entrance to Hua Hin Night Market

Day 7: Culture & beach

Our last full day in Thailand, today we wanted to fit in as much as possible, starting with some sightseeing in the morning. First up was the king’s summer palace, this palace is decorated in pretty pastel colours and located right by the sea, making it a beautiful place to visit. However more than just a pretty sight you can also go inside and peer into the different rooms, with signs outside giving some background on the contents giving you the chance to learn more about Thailand’s culture and history. Next it was onto an eco-vintage village selling mostly clothes and food that is worth looking around for its quirky design alone even if you have no intention of shopping.

Afternoon arrived and it was finally time to hit the beach. Even on an overcast day the beach’s soft sand and warm water made it such an inviting place. Perhaps because of the weather and time of day it was surprisingly empty, and I could imagine this would be a great spot for families and those after a more relaxed  beach break.

Our final evening in Thailand we decided to make the most of it and again set out to explore Hua Hin’s nightlife. While it may not have been the weekend, again things seemed so much calmer than in Bangkok reaffirming that Hua Hin is the perfect destination for those who are after a more laid back break than might be found in Bangkok and other livelier beach towns. It was a great way to round off our trip before we had to head back to Bangkok through the dreaded traffic jams and catch our flight back to London, where we were of course welcomed by the cold and rain.

Thailand Travel Diary: Nakhon Pathom and Hua Hin
The pastel-coloured Summer Palace                                               The quirky eco-vintage village                                       Hua Hin beach still looks good even when it's cloudy

Top Tips:

Research what day and time is best to visit the floating markets to avoid disappointment if it’s closed
Pay a visit to Hua Hin night market which is still lively even on weekdays but not as packed as the ones in Bangkok.

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