The Datai's resident naturalist speaks on BBC


Irshad Mobarak, resident naturalist at The Datai Langkawi has appeared on BBC World to explain further what Eco-Tourism is about, and why Malaysia is a key destination for nature lovers. Take a look at the interview by clicking here

A Few Facts about Malaysia as an Eco Hotspot

  • Malaysia is one of the eco hotspots of the world and a centre of biodiversity with 68% of the world’s coral as compared with 8% in the Caribbean
  • Malaysia has 36% of the world’s marine fish.
  • There are 60 types of mangrove in the world, Malaysia has 48 and Langkawi has 45 (Brazil only has 9).
  • There are over 795 species of birds in Malaysia with 10 types of hornbills.
  • There are 9 species of wildcats.
  • Malaysia is the butterfly capital of the world with over 1684 species in Malaysia (the UK has 65).
  • Malaysia has the Big 5 plus one as it has two types of elephant.