TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice Awards

TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice Awards


TripAdvisor recently announced the top destinations to visit around the world, as voted by its users, and it’s unsurprising that a number of our favourite destinations in Asia made the list.

Coming in at number 5 was Siem Reap, Cambodia, where the magnificent temples and natural beauty see countless visitors flock, keen to catch a glimpse of the beautiful Angkor Wat at sunrise. Hanoi, Vietnam also made the list at number 8, where architecture and different cultural sites hint at Vietnam’s rich history and heritage. Ubud, Indonesia took tenth place, a beautiful spot in Bali where stunning natural beauty combines with internationally acclaimed spas to make this the perfect destination for a relaxing break.

It was only to be expected that Dubai would make the list, coming in at number 13; for those looking for great shopping, plenty of entertainment, great nightlife and so much more, this vibrant city is the ideal destination. Another lively city made the list in the form of Bangkok, Thailand at number 15, although this city is arguably steeped in more culture and history than Dubai with majestic temples and palaces combining with exciting entertainment options for a unique experience. Hong Kong also made the list, coming in at 18, for delectable food, glittering skylines, and much more make this your destination.

At number 21 comes Tokyo, Japan, a city where the ultra-modern blends with ancient tradition and custom resulting in an intriguing and eccentric environment. Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu made the list at number 23, a great place to discover Nepal’s culture and history, you’ll find a number of important sites scattered throughout Kathmandu.

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