Revised Ban on Climbing Bagan's Pagodas

Revised Ban on Climbing Bagan's Pagodas


It has been announced that a ban will be placed on climbing many of the temples at the tourist hotspot of Bagan, Myanmar.

The Ministry of Culture initially announced a ban on climbing all of the temples found within a field of more than 3,000 of the structures; however this has since been revised to allow tourists to continue to climb five of the largest pagodas.

The ministry has said that climbing the pagodas can be harmful to both the pagodas which are ancient religious monuments and also to those who climb them, after a tourist was injured after falling from one in recent days. The statements released by the ministry have also been critical of tourists who climb the pagodas in inappropriate clothing, and dance and sleep on them, as these are seen to culturally disgraceful acts.

While some are concerned about what this means for Bagan’s tourist industry, it is hoped that this will ultimately have the positive effect of preserving the ancient ruins of these temples. It is also stressed that the revision will still allow tourists to climb five of the largest pagodas so they can continue to enjoy the stunning sunset over the temple fields that attracts so many to this region, but in a more controlled and safer manner.

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