New Routes up Mount Kinabalu

New Routes up Mount Kinabalu


As of December 1st 2015 a new trail up Mount Kinabalu in Borneo will open for a two month trial period. This comes after the previous route from Laban Rata to the mountain’s summit was damaged in a 6.0 magnitude earthquake earlier this year.

 The new trail aims to be safer than other trails up the mountain, having been selected and created using the advice from international mountaineering experts and geologists from Japan. To ensure the safety of climbers, the number of people allowed on the trail per day has been limited to a maximum of 120, although this may be reassessed after the trial period depending on any weaknesses identified.

As well as safety, the trail promises to offer even more spectacular views than other trails up the mountain, following a higher and steeper route of 4,095 metres to the mountain’s highest point, Low Peak. Along the ascent, climbers will be able to enjoy stunning views of the surrounding forests and rocky plateaus.

As well as this route, construction is also under the way for another new route which aims to open in February and will go from Kota Belud to the peak.

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