Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa Introduced in Thailand

Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa Introduced in Thailand


It has been announced by Thailand’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs that as of November 13, 2015 the country will be launching a new six-month multiple-entry tourist visa (METV). The visa, which will cost 5,000 baht, will allow travellers multiple entries to the country during a 6-month period for up to 60 days at a time. Under the current rules, a tourist visa is only eligible for 60 days, after this the visitors are required to leave the country unless they apply to a local immigration office for an extension.

The visa will be of great convenience for those who travel to Thailand often, particularly travellers and travel trade in India. Thailand is a popular destination for long weekends and family holidays for many in India, and the new visa will allow more impromptu and last-minute journeys to be made without the hassle of applying for another visa. It will also make it easier for tourists who wish to visit neighbouring countries to exit and re-enter the country each time.

Visitors applying for the visa must do so at a Royal Thai Consulate, as it will not be available on arrival. Travellers may be required to prove they have sufficient funds, and the intention to visit Thailand more than twice in the subsequent 6-month period in order to qualify.  It is hoped that the new visa will increase tourism in Thailand.