India To Build First Bullet Train

India To Build First Bullet Train


Plans have been put into motion to give India its first bullet train. The train’s route will span about 310 miles between Mumbai and Ahmedabad and will reach a maximum speed of 217mph, enabling the journey to be completed in just over 2 hours on the fastest train, and slightly longer on the trains which make stops along the way – a vast improvement from the current rail route which takes 7 hours. It is expected there will be 11 stations on the route, including Thane, Surat and Vadodara. If all goes to plan, it is hoped construction will begin sometime in 2017 or 2018 with no completion date currently announced.

The train will be built with the latest technology which is also hoped to be used to improve the quality and service of railways across the country. Not only will it be the country’s first bullet train, it will also be the first bullet train in the world to travel underwater, with a 13 mile stretch off the track running through a tunnel beneath Thane creek. In the long-term it is hoped that if the project is a success the track might be extended to also reach Jaipur and Delhi. The bullet train is sure to make travel across India much more convenient, speeding up the time it takes to traverse the great distances between the country’s major cities.

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