Dubai Building World's Largest Mall

Dubai Building World's Largest Mall


News to get all keen shoppers excited, Dubai has announced plans to build the world’s largest mall, despite the economic slowdown experienced in the region.

The mall, which will be called the Mall of the World, will be located within a gigantic glass dome that will stretch eight million square feet and have its temperature carefully controlled. The mall won’t just be home to shops (7km of streets worth of them…), but is set to include hundreds of buildings which will house apartment complexes and around 20,000 hotel rooms. As well as this the Mall of the World will have its very own transit system, the world’s largest indoor theme park, a cultural district modelled on New York’s Broadway and so much more. It is hoped that the mall will boost Dubai’s already successful tourism industry.

Dubai is famous for not doing things by small measures, indeed the world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa which stands at 2,722ft can be found within this vast cityscape, however there are some that are sceptical that the project will be completed by 2020 as is currently planned. Only time will be able to tell…

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