China Building World's Tallest Glass Bridge

China Building World's Tallest Glass Bridge


China has begun building what it claims will be the world’s longest and tallest glass-bottom bridge, sitting at 300 metres high and 430 metres long once completed.

The build, which begun in June of this year, is aiming to be completed by January 2016. It will be six metres wide with 5cm thick glass panels and feature several glass observatories at various ends.

Sitting atop Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon in Hunan's scenic Zhangjiajie National Park, the £25 million bridge will offer those brave enough to step foot on it spectacular views of the region’s natural beauty. There will also be opportunities to bungee jump off of it for the even braver.

The bridge will certainly test the courage of tourists choosing to walk across it, especially considering that one of China’s other recently opened glass-bottom bridges was closed for maintenance at the beginning of October after a crack appeared in one of the glass panels. The bridge’s engineers have assured the public that rigorous testing is being carried out and every safety precaution taken, including limiting the capacity of the bridge to 800 people.