BA Makes Changes to Baggage Allowance

BA Makes Changes to Baggage Allowance


British Airways have made changes to their hand luggage allowance.

Previously passengers were permitted two carry on bags, the first bag up to 56x45x25cm and weighing a maximum of 23kg, while the second bag could be up to 45x36x20cm. However, the maximum size of the second bag has now been reduced to 40x30x15cm.

Concerns have been raised that passengers may need to buy new bags, and larger items such as laptops may no longer fit, however the airline says these new restrictions are still generous and most modern laptops will be able to fit.

The change has reportedly been implemented to reduce delays caused by overloaded bags taking longer to unload from the cabin areas. The airline hopes that flights will now be able to take off quicker as less time will be spent trying to store and organize passengers’ hand luggage.