Ayeyarwady River Cruise

Explore the beauty of Myanmar on this itinerary which includes a 4 night cruise down the Ayeyarwady River on the amazing Strand Cruise, as well as stays at other luxurious hotels including an overnight in Bangkok. The cruise is packed full of interesting and exciting excursions which will let you truly immerse yourself in Myanmar’s rich culture and history as well as admire its beauty, highlights are sure to be visits to the unfinished pagoda in Mingun, the U-Bein Bridge in Mandalay, and the exclusive mooring in Ava which allows access to a temple once everyone else has left. As well as excursions there is plenty else to do on the cruise with it housing a range of excellent facilities to pass the time such as a wellness centre, pool, and more. This is sure to be a treasured experience that will give you the chance to create many delightful memories.


9 Days

Ayeyarwady River Cruise

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