Exclusive and exquisite, this group of atolls and islands strung like pearls across the Indian Ocean are everybody's dream of what paradise is like. Remote and sumptuous, unspoilt and unhurried, this picture-perfect destination offers something for everyone.

With perfect shallow turquoise waters melting into endless sandy beaches, and some of the world’s most luxurious island accommodation, the Maldives really is the absolute desert island experience. They are renowned for over 200 species of coral, and 300 specifies of multi-coloured fish, so it’s a perfect place to hone your diving skills, or just snorkel in the crystal clear waters, with a parrotfish or colourful ray for company. You can expect to find top-notch accommodation, with attentive staff that cater for every wish and whim, and the most tantalizing delicious food imaginable.

Honeymooners could want for nothing more, yet families are equally besotted, with several resorts having some of the best facilities on the planet for children, and the most imaginative activities. It may feel quite daunting to make a choice from all the amazing hotels on offer, but we know all the subtle differences between them so we can ensure that you choose the right hotel. The Maldives combines beautifully with Sri Lanka, India, Dubai and Oman.


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