Why Choose a River Cruise?

Why Choose a River Cruise?

River cruises are a popular way for many to explore a destination, and they continue to grow in popularity with new vessels and routes continuing to launch regularly. But what is it that makes this such a popular holiday type? We’ve given 5 reasons why we think you should make a river cruise your next holiday.

1) The Views
If you are looking to take in the scenic beauty of a destination, there are few better options than from one of its waterways. Depending on the location of your cruise you may be able to take in untouched natural beauty, or perhaps the impressive architecture and beautiful landmarks of cities and towns. Either way, you are sure to enjoy an uninterrupted and ever-changing view as your drift along, and where better to enjoy a stunning sunset than from a sundeck as you watch it bathe your surroundings in a golden glow.

2) The Excursions
There is much more to a cruise than simply staying on the boat all day, and one of the most appealing things about a cruise is all the different excursions you get to enjoy during your holiday. The cruises will moor at different points along the route and give you the chance to get out and delve into the culture of your destination. We love this 14-day adventure down the Mekong that gives you the chance to visit Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh, the floating villages, and many other historical and beautiful sights on the course of the 7 day cruise.

3) The Service
You can expect to receive exceptional service on all of the cruises that we offer. While river cruises tend to be smaller vessels and therefore hold fewer guests than your average hotel or ocean cruise, this does not mean they offer fewer of less attentive staff members, in fact it is quite the contrary. You can expect to find an excellent staff to guest ratio that ensures your needs are always met and you are made to feel completely pampered. While on board many of these boats, staff will help  keep you entertained with different workshops and activities that are sure to make your cruise even more special.

4) The Facilities
It might seem like there would be little to do on board most of the ships as they meander along idly, but you would be surprised about how many amazing facilities are on offer on the majority of vessels. You will find that many cruises offers spas, pools, restaurants, bars, and so much more that ensures if you ever get tired of just admiring the view there is plenty more to do to keep you entertained and occupied.

5) Get off the Beaten Track
A cruise quite literally takes you on a route not often travelled by most and allows you to see your destination from an entirely different perspective. Some cruises even include exclusive moorings and activities that allow you to experience things you wouldn’t otherwise be able to – for instance we love the Strand Cruise that is allowed to exclusively moor alongside a magnificent temple in Ava ,granting passengers exclusive access to it all night when the crowds have diminished, the next morning you even get to meet the monks for a special farewell.

If you are interested in experiencing a river cruise for yourself, visit our cruises page or contact one of our experts via email or on 020 7843 3531.