When to see cherry blossoms in 2020

When to see cherry blossoms in 2020

Considered as the unofficial national flower of Japan, the sakura flower i.e. the Japanese cherry blossom is a thing of beauty admired by travellers from all around the world. Every spring season, tourists converge in Japan during the spring season to see this beautiful display of natures finest - trees blooming with soft pink or white flowers. There is a Japanese tradition called hanami which is all about getting together with your friends and family, on a picnic under the blooming trees to admire the stunning beauty of these flowers. This tradition has become quite popular with tourists to as it is a great way to enjoy the entire experience of seeing the beautiful flowers and spending a lovely time with your friends. 

If you are interested in seeing Japan's famous cherry blossoms then to start your planning process it's best to consider two things - when and where. Though you can plan the general timeline around which you can travel to Japan, however, the specifics can be a bit tricky. So every year the Japan Meteorological Corporation releases the forecasts for the cherry blossoms. They try to predict, when the flowers will reach full bloom in about a thousand different locations, around Japan. To make your planning a little easier, we have gathered information about the cherry blossom forecast for 2020 and made a list of the best cherry blossom spots in Japan.

When does the Cherry Blossom season start in Japan?

The average blooming time can vary widely based on the geographical location within the country. Areas with milder winter climates typically bloom earlier. Blooms usually open first in the southern region and progress northward. Wind, rain, and temperature can cause the blossoms to appear either earlier or later than average and can lengthen or shorten the blooming season.

Throughout most of Japan, looming typically occurs in late March and early April. Some areas may produce blooms as early as January. The emergence of the first blossoms is called kaika. The peak, or mankai – the time when the most trees are in full bloom occurs within about one week following the first bloom. In some years, the season extends into the month of May in the northern regions.

On an updated forecast for 2020 was released on 2nd February. Currently, blooms are expected in to begin on 20 March in Tokyo, with the full bloom reached on 28 March.

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