Top Things to do in Buenos Aires

Top Things to do in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a city that rarely sleeps and offers everything from amazing steaks, red wines and plenty of historic sites and museums to keep you busy for a number of days. On the weekends the city comes to life with ferias or markets and the choicest food experiences that you can think of. Sit down with a glass of Malbec or grab a delicious empanada from a street vendor or join the crowd to learn how to tango on the streets of BA. However, with so many things to see and do, it can get overwhelming. So we had our managing director Frances Geoghegan come up with the top 10 things to do in Buenos Aires.

1. Recoleta Cemetery

A Cemetery - you ask? Well, this is not an ordinary cemetery, this is the resting place for the rich, powerful & the super famous in Argentina. In this little corner of the city you can wander for hours in this incredible city of the dead where small little lanes are lined with seriously impressive & ornate mausoleums & statues. Probably the most famous site is that of first lady Eva Perón’s tomb. Have a look-see into crypts and discover the notable figures and elites of Argentine history.

Travel Tip: Admission is free (7 am to 6 pm), however, you can buy a map to know what to look out for. Tours in English are provided every Tuesday and Thursday morning.


2. MALBA: The Museum of Latin American Art

Opened in 2001 this stunning airy glass building housing modern art from across Latin America. This is one of the city’s favourite museum’s, located in the Palermo neighbourhood and hosts works from the famous Frida Kahlo, Xul Solar and Antonio Berni, and has sections on surrealism, pop art, political & social art. The museum also features a cinema which screens art house films.

Travel Tip: Admission fees is 100 pesos (about £4 GBP) but on Wednesday’s it’s half the cost.

3. Tasting Buenos Aires

Sign up for a tasting tour in this city full of sumptuous delights. It’s a great way to not only sample the area’s delicacies but also know how waves of European immigrants have influenced the culture and cuisine of Argentina. Gorge on thick crust pizzas at Pizzeria Güerrin, opened by a Genoese family in 1932, or savour the delicate desserts at Heladeria Cadore, an ice cream parlour in action since 1957.

Travel Tip: Ask your travel consultant to source the tour for you, they can ensure the tour is appropriately placed in your itinerary, and liaise any food allergies etc. are taken into account

Tasting Buenos Aires 

4. Street Art in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has become quite famous for its street art with the abundance of blank space and little interference from local authorities. It is best to go on a short guided tour to get a greater understanding of the art and the cultural history behind it. You will find huge, bold murals sometimes just humorous and at other times politically charged. Look out for the psychedelic portrait of football hero Carlos Tevez across the length of an apartment block.

Travel Tip: Though generally Buenos Aires is safe, some of the areas like La Boca are not, hence a guided tour is a better option.

Street Art in Buenos Aires

5. Dance at a Milango

Argentina is where Tango was born! So you cannot leave this country without experiencing the thrill of this thrilling dance form. You can just watch or if you feel brave join in with the pros. A 'milonga' is basically a tango dance party, and the people who dance at milongas are known as milongueros. There are a number of these around the city and have some authentic local dancing to be enjoyed. On a Sunday night head to the San Telmo's Plaza Dorrego, and enjoy people dancing in the street. La Glorieta holds free milongas on the weekends, though donations are appreciated. 

Travel Tip: For a small admission fee head to Salon Canning, where you can not only watch traditional milongas, but you can also join some classes!

Dance at a Milango 

Make sure when you get to BA order a café con leche in a cafe with the hip Porteños, watch the world go by!

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