The Most Popular Cities for Travel in 2019

Each year Matercard collects information ranking 200 cities on how popular they were for tourists. The company has just released its most recent index, providing an insight into which cities will be the most visited this year. Here are the top 10 most popular cities of 2019. 

1. Bangkok, Thailand

Number of overnight visitors: 22.78 million
With beautiful island beaches, lush landscapes, national parks, hill tribe villages, exotic cuisine and rich Buddhist culture, Thailand is a perfect all-round destination. Bangkok offers world-class shopping and sightseeing where you can shop until you drop, explore the floating market by boat, barter in local markets, visit the museums, palaces and temples and watch a Muay Thai boxing match.

2. Paris, France

Number of overnight visitors: 19.10 million
Paris' monument-lined boulevards, stunning museums, classical bistros and charming boutiques are what enchant so many travellers each year. Explore the new wave of multimedia galleries, creative wine bars and designer shops. 

3, London, England

Number of overnight visitors: 19.09 million
One of the worlds most visited cities, London really does keep people on their feet. From the history and culture of Buckingham Palace to the fine dining experiences and selective clubs and bars, there is always something to do in London. 

4. Dubai, U.A.E

Number of overnight visitors: 15.93 million
Synonymous with wealth and opulence, Dubai gives new meaning to ultimate luxury. The desert landscape is transformed into a cosmopolitan skyline of impossible architecture housing world-class shopping, indoor ski slopes, and mind-blowing aquariums. Nearby Jumeirah Beach is home to some of the world's most indulgent hotels and for those in search of adventure, the desert dunes and wadis are your playgrounds.

5. Singapore

Number of overnight visitors: 14.67 million
Singapore, a vibrant city-state which has transformed itself into the commercial hub of south-east Asia. A former colonial outpost of the British Empire, it is a fusion of Chinese, Malay and Indian peoples and cultures all living on the main island and some of the surrounding 50 or so smaller islands. A showcase of modern architecture and a thriving port, it is the gateway for many visitors to south-east Asia.

6. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Number of overnight visitors: 13.79 million
Malaysia has a vibrant mix of oriental culture – it is a true melting pot that offers a perfect fusion of Chinese, Indian and Malay customs and cultures, with a smattering of Dutch colonial art and architecture. Its cities are the ideal blend of old and new, classical and contemporary, with modern skylines in Kuala Lumpur mixed with perfect examples of colonial architecture in Malacca and George Town.

7. New York City

Number of overnight visitors: 13.60 million
Be mesmerized by this city's soaring skyscrapers and monuments as you explore its flourishing arts scene and amazing variety of food. It is also important to remember that New York is one of the shopping capitals of the world and so you can literally shop until you drop!

8. Istanbul, Turkey 

Number of overnight visitors: 13.40 million
Over centuries and centuries, many cultures have influenced this beautiful city. For a truly unique experience, visit the vibrant café society of Kadıköy and the football-loving streets of Beşiktaş. 

9. Tokyo, Japan

Number of overnight visitors: 12.93 million
In Japan there is truly something for everyone - watch Geishas dance in Kyoto, take a dip in an onsen, visit the eccentric Akihabara district in Tokyo, there is no shortage of things to do. From the enchanting and beautiful, the modern and inspiring, to the downright bizarre, Japan has something to surprise, entertain, and charm even the most seasoned traveller.

10. Antalya, Turkey

Number of overnight visitors: 12.41 million
Antalya is quickly becoming a destination for tourists around the world. Discover its amazing mix of golden beaches and traditional Turkish culture. 

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