How To Travel Solo

How To Travel Solo

There is something completely unique about venturing off into the unknown with no one but yourself for company. As more and more people are travelling on their own, we have put together a few tips so you can plan your next trip solo. 

Consider What Destination You Are Going To Carefully

When travelling alone it is always important to take into account factors such as how easy it is to travel. For example, can you get around by walking or public transportation, or do you need to rent a car or get a taxi? When travelling alone, transportation can get expensive in comparison to splitting the expenses two or more ways. It is also important to also keep in mind what kind of activities you would like. When travelling in groups you are always having to accommodate to everyone's varying needs. However, if you are travelling solo you have the freedom to pick and choose what you want to do. If you are into adventure holidays then Bangkok, Thailand may be the perfect place for you, in comparison, if you are looking for a more peaceful holiday than the beaches of Mauritius may be more of your cup of tea. 

Packing Essentials For a Solo Trip

Along with the essentials such as toiletries, money and some clothes, solo travel is the perfect time to read and reflect, so taking a few books on your travels can be a great thing to pack. But remember, only pack what you can carry comfortably on your own. It can also be wise to carry a portable USB charger so when you are on the go you can always have some battery in your phone or camera. 

Plan Your Travels

It is wise to at the very least ensure that you have planned your transportation, hotel, and a general itinerary of what you want to get out of this holiday. Another factor to research may be what restaurants are around where you are visiting and if they require reservations. Nonetheless, it is also important to leave some days open-ended in case you fall into some new adventures on the way. 

Meet New people

Staying in hostels can be a great way to meet new people. Many of the travellers staying at these hostels will be in a very similar position to yourself, so be open-minded. Tours around the area that you are staying can also be an interesting way to firstly get your bearings and meet other active travellers. Eating dinner at bars or spending time in your hotel's lobby is also another way to get chatting with other like-minded people.

Stay Safe

When visiting an unfamiliar area on your own it is wise to limit the amount your drinking so you can navigate back to where you are staying with a clear head. Although most tourist areas are very safe, if unsure on where is safe to walk around, especially at night, it is always best to ask locals of your hotel's concierge. 

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