5 travel resolutions for 2019

5 travel resolutions for 2019

Ah, January! The time of the year when we make our resolutions. We resolve to eat better, exercise more and to finally see the places we've always wanted to travel. Why not add a few travel focused goals on your resolution list this year? Pick a few from our list of 5 travel resolutions for 2019, and give yourself something exciting to look forward to.


Become a volunteer tourist

You may have already planned or starting to plan your trips this year. Add something meaningful to your holiday by taking part in a volunteering initiative in the destination you are going to. Work with local communities, teach kids, or take part in a sustainable development project - whatever suits your skills. Spend from as little as a day of your holiday to do something for those who need your help. Makes for a lovely holiday story, and the love of some extremely thankful people.


Have an authentic experience

Don’t just get on the sightseeing bus tour and take pictures and come back. With Cleveland Collection we can help you take your holiday beyond the run of the mill sights, and give you a truly immersive experience on your holiday. Visit some of the hidden gems and rarely seen sights of any destination you wish to travel to.


Pick a destination that inspires you

Get out of your comfort zone, and push yourself - this is on most people’s resolution list. Well, travel is one easy way of doing this, pick a destination that inspires and challenges you. If going by yourself seems too daunting, ask a friend or choose a group tour to go on.

A destination that inspires you


Pick a new skill

Travelling is a great opportunity to learn a new skill while having loads of fun. Learn how to - make the perfect pho, wakeboard, do the oil lamp dance in Burma or the tiger dance in Japan, create Batik prints, photograph with a specialist tour...the list is endless. You will end up not only having fun but also start on a new hobby!

Learn a new skill


Sample new cuisines

Gastro tours are the rage - with so many different cuisines and styles of food out there, this is not a surprise. Question is shouldn’t your taste buds also enjoy the truly authentic dishes out there in 2019? CNN came up with 50 of the world’s best dishes, how many have you ticked off that list.

Sample new cuisines

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