Hakone Ginyu


Tucked away amongst the mountains in the sleepy town of Hakone sits Hakone Ginyu, a tranquil spa resort and traditional Japanese ryokan. Surrounded by nature, this is the place to come to forget the world as you enjoy spectacular views, bathe in the relaxing onsen, and soak up the serene environment. An authentic ryokan, expect to find a resort completely decorated and furnished in a traditional style that immerses you into the Japanese way of life, although you will be able to find a Western style bed if desired. If soaking in one of the many onsen isn’t enough to help you unwind, then be sure to head to the resort’s spa where a number of fantastic treatments are on offer that will help you feel completely pampered. Dine on delicious Japanese cuisine prepared with the freshest seasonal ingredients, sample authentic sake at the atmospheric open-air bar, and you’ll find yourself never wanting to leave this enchanting hideaway.


  • Beautiful scenery, surrounded by mountains and lakes
  • Authentic Japanese style throughout the resort
  • Onsent/Hot Springs to unwind in
  • A spa providing pampering treatments if further relaxation is required.


Hakone, Japan

Best time to go

Japan is a year round destination, however spring and autumn see the mildest weather, and also offer the chance to see the cherry blossoms bloom and leaves change colour respectively. 

Our thoughts

Hakone Ginyu is the ideal resort for those seeking some peace and quiet and also wish to experience the traditional Japanese way of life. You can escape the stresses of everyday life here as you soak in one of the many onsen and take in the fantastic views of the nature that surrounds you.

  • Open air onsen/hot springs
  • Spa Ginyu
  • Bars
  • Dining
  • Lounge
  • WiFi in public areas


Traditional Japanese dishes are served using the freshest seasonal ingredients.

There’s also a bar and lounge for guests to enjoy a range of drinks in.


There are 19 rooms in Hakone Ginyu.

Kaze – This spacious room is found on the 4th floor and features an attractive Japanese design and offers guests both an indoor bath and a private open air onsen. 

Sora – These rooms are located on the 5th floor and feature an attractive Japanese design as well as an open air onsen. A Western style double bed is also available.

Hoshi – There are 6 of these rooms located on the 3rd floor. They offer guests stylish Japanese décor, an outdoor onsen and the option for a Western style double bed.

Hoshi – Maisonette – This room offers guests plenty of space, a stylish Japanese design, and private outdoor onsen.

Tsuki – There are 6 of these rooms which can be found on the ground floor. They offer guests elegant design, plenty of space, an indoor bath, open air onsen, as well as the option for a Western style double bed.

  • Spa Treatments
  • Nature walks, visit Lake Ashi and take in views of Mount Fuji.
  • Relax in the onsen/hot springs

Children are welcome.

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