Benesse House


Stay somewhere different on your next trip to Japan and opt for Benesse House, a hotel located within a functioning museum. Like the works found within the museum itself, the hotel is an impressive work of contemporary art, with incredible architecture that sets it apart from other accommodation. Benesse House was formed around the concept that there should be coexistence between nature, art, and architecture, and that certainly is the case here. Guests can enjoy the beauty of nature, with the hotel and museum set on the unspoilt Naoshima Island, admire the architecture of the buildings which blend seamlessly into the natural surroundings, and appreciate the works of art that can be found both inside and out. The accommodation itself continues the contemporary theme, featuring bright and minimal décor with artwork present in every room. Even the different dining options and spa adhere to this sleek and minimal style, which produces a calming and relaxed atmosphere. If you have an appreciation for art, there are few hotels that can compare to Benesse House, with the accommodation granting you access to exclusive artwork,and the rooms based in the Museum building even offer you access into the museum after hours.


  • Enjoy exclusive access to artwork
  • A free shuttle bus service is available to take you around the island
  • The sleek and modern architecture and décor
  • Beautiful natural surroundings on Naoshima Island


Kagawa, Japan

Best time to go

Japan is a year round destination, however in terms of weather the best time to go is in the spring when temperatures remain comfortable and there is less risk of rain, this is also a great time to be able to see the trees blossom.

Our thoughts

Benesse House is one for the art lovers and those wishing to learn more about Japanese contemporary art. The building, the accommodation, the restaurants – everything here is designed beautifully and allows you to immerse yourself in art, with exclusive works on display. Nature lovers will be pleased too, with the unspoilt natural setting that the architecture blends seamlessly into. 

  • Museum
  • Spa
  • Restaurants
  • Museum Shop
  • Shuttle bus service
  • Restaurants


There are 5 dining options available at Benesse House

Terrace Restaurant – This restaurant serves French cuisine in a bright and airy restaurant, where floor to ceiling windows flood the space with light and allow you to look out over the Inland Sea while you dine.

Museum Restaurant Issen – The Museum Restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Benesse House museum and serves Japanese dishes, specifically kaiseki cuisine made with fresh Setouchi seafood. Again it features a light and airy design, complete with artwork, as well as large windows that allow you to look out over the Inland Sea while you dine.

Museum Café – On the second floor of the Benesse House museum guests will find the museum café which serves light meals and beverages, and features large windows which offer up sea views.

Park Lounge – The Park Lounge is exclusive for guests. Throughout the day it serves a selection of hot drinks, while after dinner alcoholic beverages are also available. Many art books are available for guests to flick through.

Oval Lounge – The Oval Lounge serves breakfast in the morning and a range of alcoholic drinks in the evening, including the Oval Lounge’s original cocktails.

Accommodation is available in four different buildings.


Museum Twin – These light and spacious rooms feature twin beds and are located on the top floor and offer fantastic views over the Inland Sea from their balconies. Each room is decorated with a range of different artwork.

Museum Deluxe Twin – Located on the second floor these rooms are more spacious than the regular twin rooms, and can fit an extra bed to accommodate a third person if required.  The rooms feature a range of different artwork and are also located closest to the museum. They also have sea views which can be viewed from both the room and bathroom.

Museum Family Suite – These spacious suites can sleep four and are ideal for families or small groups. They feature sea views, as well as a seating area, bright design, and artwork.

Museum Suite – These spacious suites are located on the third floor and have the best views out of the rooms, it is possible to see the Inland Sea, the mountains of Shikoku, as well as some of the open-air artwork from these suites. They can sleep 2 but an additional 2 beds can be added if necessary.


Oval Twin – These rooms have the highest vantage point in the building, offering views across the Inland Sea. They can sleep 2 with the option to sleep a third on a sofa bed. The design is contemporary and complimented by the artworks present in the room.

Oval Suite – These spacious suites can sleep 2 with the addition of adding extra beds to sleep an additional 2 if required. They are bright and airy, featuring large windows and a terrace that overlooks the sea. On the walls guests will find murals hand-drawn by artists.


Park Twin/Double – Available with either a double or twin beds, all of these Park rooms offer views of the Inland Sea and some of the open-air artwork and feature a contemporary design. They also offer easy access to the restaurants, shops, and spa.

Park Deluxe Twin/Double – These light and spacious rooms are available with either double or twin beds. Located on the second floor, guests can enjoy views of the beautiful Inland Sea, as well as some of the open-air artwork. Many of the hotel’s facilities are located within easy reach of these rooms.

Park Suite – These suites offer guests extra space and can sleep two with the option to sleep an additional person on the sofa bed. They feature views of the Inland Sea and some of the outdoor artwork.


Beach Suite – These suites are spacious and feature a light and airy design. They are located right next to the Inland sea, providing guests with great views of the ocean. The suite can sleep 2 with the option to accommodate a third person on the sofa bed.

Beach Suite Double – There are 2 of these suites which offer guests space and a bright and airy design. They can sleep up to 2 people in a King size bed, and also offer guests great views of the Inland Sea. 

  • Museum Visits
  • Spa Treatments
  • Sightseeing on the island
  • Admire the artwork

Children under 5 are not permitted to stay in much of the accommodation. 

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