Estancia Las Carreras


With more than 230 years, the Las Carreras Jesuit Estancia is one of the oldest housings in the Calchaquí Valley, its architecture reflects the cultural heritage of the area. The Estancia Las Carreras is located in Tucumán built by the Jesuits in Tafi del Valle in 1718's, offering guests the chance to experience life in that era while enjoying modern amenities. Nestled amidst Tucumán's province's beautiful landscape, rooms here have a rustic décor with the standard amenities. It is a fully functional farm ranch recognised for its production of Manchego cheeses

Sightseeing tours to the cheese factory and outdoor activities like hiking or horse riding can be arranged by the hotel staff. Enjoy local delicacies made from fresh ingredients grown on the farm or nearby at the restaurant Alders.


  • Located in the stunning Calchaquí Valley the Estancia Las Carreras is beautifully located
  • Sweeping view of the mountains and countryside from the property
  • Experience horseback riding and see how the famous Tafi cheese is made in the cheese factory
  • Has all the rustic features of an old school hacienda with modern amenities


Tucumán, Argentina

How to get there

The Estancia Las Carreras is about two hours from Tucuman Airport.

Best time to go

The best time to go to this area is between April - June and from August - November. 

Our thoughts

This Estancia gives you a truly authentic experience of staying at a fully operational farm ranch, in the middle of Calchaquí Valley. It is considered as one of the best places in the north of Argentina to stay at. Staffed by the owners and trained staff it offers visitors the feel of being in the 18th century while having the quality and attention of a luxury hotel while being surrounded an imposing nature that invites deep rest and meditation. 

  • Sun terrace
  • Barbecue area with grill
  • Living room with fireplace
  • Solarium
  • Garden


Restaurant Alders: This restaurant provides regional cuisine with ingredients such as flame, quinoa, among others, most of which is grown on the farm or in the valley giveing the dishes subtle and pleasant flavours.

Double or Twin Rooms

Double or Twin Rooms

These rooms have a very rustic feel with an open fireplace and views out towards the mountains. This room can be fitted with a double or twin beds, and other standard amenities.

Triple Rooms

Triple Rooms

These bright and comfortable rooms feature a private bathroom and have beautiful views of the mountain. The room is fitted with 1 double bed and 2 single beds and offers other standard amenities. 

  • Trekking
  • Mountain bike
  • Horseback riding of 1, 2 and 3 days
  • Farming and barnyard activities
  • Visits to the cheese factory and the dairy farm
  • Excursions to
    • Quebrada del Portugués (Portuguese ravine)
    • Cañada del Muñoz (Muñoz gully)
    • Cascada de los Alisos (Alders waterfall)
    • Fuerte Viejo (old fort)
  • Climbing to the black headland of “el Pelao” hill.
  • Tours around the fields and plantations.
  • Babysitting services

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