We travel to explore new flavours and to expand our horizons.  Five centuries ago, pepper was more valuable than gold and we risked our lives sailing around the world to the Orient to procure new spices.  The spice trade uncovered new continents for the Europeans and created vast empires, so it is no wonder that we are still travelling in search of new culinary discoveries.

Our culinary holidays expose you to tastes beyond your wildest dreams and dishes beyond your imagination.  Browse market stalls brimming with exotic fragrances and un-recognisable food and sample cuisine that awakens your taste buds. Gain an appreciation for food in the context of history.  Discover a new perspective on food shopping with an escorted excursion around the local markets or learn how to prepare your favourite dishes under the supervision of a top chef.  From cooking classes to street stalls to gourmet dining we have selected the tastiest holidays for you to enjoy. 


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11 Day Food Trails of Thailand

From £2,390 per person based on two adults sharing

Duration: 11 days

If you are passionate about food then this culinary tour will be a perfect opportunity to practise your cookery skills under the guidance of a school whilst enjoying local street food, authentic restaurants, wildlife, luxurious accommodation and all the beautiful scenery of the north and picturesque...

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11 Day Taste of Thailand

From £2,669 per person based on 2 people sharing

Duration: 11 days

Famous for its cuisine, this exciting gourmet tour gives you the chance to delve into Thailand and discover its delicious dishes for yourself. Giving you the opportunity to enjoy plenty of unique food experiences, as well as dine at some of the top restaurants, this itinerary is every foodies’...

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13 Day Culinary Delights of Vietnam

From £3,350 per person based on 2 people sharing

Duration: 13 days

Vietnamese cuisine is regarded as one of the world's best, but few realise the variations that are found in the different regions of this vibrant country. Just like the country's geographical divisions, the food can also be separated into South, Central, and Northern style. The experts at Cl...

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13 Day Gourmet Tour of China

From £4,539 per person based on 2 people sharing

Duration: 13 days

With it being so widely available and renowned for its excellent flavours, almost everyone will have tried a Chinese dish at some stage in their life. However, it is not until you have visited the country itself and sampled traditional Chinese cuisine that you can truly appreciate all that it has to...

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14 Day Indian Twist of Taste

From £2,459 per person based on 2 people sharing a room

Duration: 14 days

Indian cuisine is renowned around the world for its intense yet intricate flavours and incredible variation, and this itinerary gives you the chance to sample as much of it as possible. During the course of your trip you will visit Delhi, Mumbai, Agra, Jaipur, and many other destinations, sampling t...

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Blissed out in Bali

From £1,999 per person based on two adults sharing

Duration: 8 days

This 8 day itinerary is designed around luxury and relaxation, visiting two magnificent resorts in the pleasure island of Bali.  As well as an extensive range of water-based activities, you can enjoy numerous excursions and sublime culinary delights as sampled by Heston Blumenthal during his st...

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